Museveni “Exhibit 1510” false promises

With heavy pressure from business people around Gatuna border, Museveni is giving them false promises. Addressing journalists at Kabale State lodge on Tuesday, “Exhibit 1510” claimed that he is engaged with President Paul Kagame with the aim of resolving the dispute between the two neighbouring countries.

Kampala propagandists, paid to spread false information and mislead people, forget to mention the source of all the conflicts. The Rwandan State Minister in charge of East African Community Olivier Nduhungirehe recently said: “We explained the issue very clearly and many times. We have no border issue with Uganda.” He added:  “The three problems we have with Uganda are, support to terrorist organisations against Rwanda, illegal arrest and torture of Rwandan citizens in Uganda and economic sabotage.”

  For now two years, “Exhibit 1510” gave a green light to his security agencies to abduct innocent Rwandans and subject them to all sorts of torture under false allegations of spying on Uganda and illegal entry. Rwanda through diplomatic ways, sent several notes verbal to the Ugandan Ministry of foreign affairs requested to set free these innocent Rwandans or present them into court. But all this was ignored under Museveni’s order. However, the Rwandan government sent a travel advisory to Rwandans warning them from travelling to Uganda since their security was not guaranteed.

 “Stay calm Rwanda is soon subduing,” a provoking headline yet unrealistic article written by Museveni’s mouthpieces to keep their audience blind as it is the main reason for their pay check . Museveni will be the one to subdue.  Let’s remind “Exhibit 1510” and his mouthpieces that Rwanda will never subdue since he is the genesis of all the conflicts. He has no option but comply. He blinds Ugandans by telling them that Rwanda is a small market and false promises that bigger and better markets are in Sudan and DRC. But today, Uganda still loses 11 million dollars every month since Rwanda restricted traffic of heavy trucks at Gatuna border. He will keep suffering the consequences of his acts and the fire from Ugandans who are inconvenienced by not selling their goods in Rwanda will keep heating him. He forgets that Rwanda can redirect its business opportunities to other neighbouring countries such as DRC and Tanzania.

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