David Himbara Backing-Up False Reports

The weed-smoking RNC chief propagandist David Himbara has supported a false BBC report -claiming “Rwanda is stopping students from crossing to DRC to attend classes”.

This is in the usual line of Himbara tarnishing Rwanda, and some BBC programs acting as enablers. His misleading alarms that “Rwanda is stopping students from going to DRC” conceals facts, such as the unfortunate outbreaks of Ebola in neighboring DRC. He twists every narrative and turns it into a message of hate.

Is it actually true Rwanda did what he said? What if it was just some normal precaution, as DRC authorities deal with the Ebola issue, after which the school children will resume regularly crossing? The peddler of harmful propaganda says nothing about all that. One can’t even be certain whether the “stopping of children from crossing” wasn’t an occurrence of only a few hours.

Himbara, from his comfort in Canada, would not travel or let any of his siblings .

The Rwandan administration implements measures to prevent Ebola outbreaks at the border points Rwanda shares with DRC. The measures include; checkup of every individual that enters Rwanda from across the border, and there are health centers at the border in case one displays Ebola signs.

Cleanness is the number one priority, such as washing hands, and educating border communities on how to prevent or avoid Ebola.

The propagandist’s rumors won’t stop Rwanda doing everything to protect her citizens.

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