Gideon Rukundo Rugali Cartoon Styled Distortion Of History

By Serubwa

The NRM Aspiring Candidate and RNC executive committee member, Gideon Rukundo Rugali, is engaged in frivolous manipulation of Rwandan History in an attempt to divide Rwanda. For almost a month, he has been revising history and manipulating the circumstances surrounding the death of Rwanda’s war hero Gen. Fred Rwigyema.

Gideon Rukundo Rugali is part of a Museveni sponsored trolls to tarnish, smear and slander Rwanda with fabrications designed to drive a wedge in Rwanda (Read More). Their latest inventions is a fabricated eye witness that says Gen. Rwigema was shot by someone close to him. Using a disgruntled, corrupt deserter named Mupende Michael, they create a pathetic and inconsistent lie.

Mupende, who fled after stealing $18,000 from Army rations, is not a credible witness. Other than his theft, he was also a reputed wife beater who had a habit of dumping his family. He is now a security guard some where in America. They use him to claim an absurd version on Rwigyema’s death sponsored by the Museveni regime.

Rukundo Rugali, ridiculously, even went through the trouble of using kindergarten like illustration to animated the ridiculous narrative. As the Ugandan ruling party MP candidate continues with his fake Rwandan historical accounts, it is interesting to note that he never talks about Ugandan history on his Facebook page.

In fact, his Facebook account is almost exclusively used for RNC propaganda in an effort to impress the NRM Leadership of his Anti-Rwandan extremist views. One might even deduct that in Museveni’s party, Ugandan of Rwandan origins campaign on a “I hate Rwanda” platform.Rugali sees no need to campaign on local Ndorwa issues –where he hopes to be elected– just as long as he pleases his paymaster and guru; Yoweri Museveni. Ugandans better beware, soon, there might find themselves with an RNC member in their parliament!

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