Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa And His Daily Bile

Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa has kept up his daily bile against the Rwandan head of state trying to tarnish the Rwandan leader at every chance on his Facebook account under the pseudonym “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere”.

The leader of an anti-Rwanda terror group alleged in a post yesterday, in alluding to President Kagame, that he was standing away from his “benefactor” Museveni in a group picture that was taken in Russia together with President Vladimir Putin, and other African leaders.

Of course anyone with some sense will know where one head of state stands in a group picture is not up to him to decide; it is a function of protocol. At times such group photos will be arranged by alphabetical order, and by height. President Kagame was in the second row. Perhaps fugitive Nyamwasa is hurt that the Rwandan leader was in an advanced row in relation to “#Exhibit 1510” – the fugitive’s actual sponsor. Who knows what goes on in a mind deranged by hate?

Maybe the terrorist would like to divert some attention away from the embarrassment of his patron “#Exhibit 1510” aka Yoweri Museveni snoring while others were attending to the business of why they were in Russia, who knows?

Nyamwasa has been hammered in DRC. He lured the children of other people into his misadventures in Minembwe, and they got slaughtered. He did that while he was enjoying his luxury life in South Africa, while protecting his cowardly, loud-mouthed nephew Kayumba Rugema (whom he sent away to Norway while the children of others were facing total fire!)

All Nyamwasa has remaining now is his loud mouth, and bootlicking #Exhibit1510”.

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