Terrorist Nyamwasa Wants To import His Nepotism Beliefs To The Rwandan Cabinet

The leader of the RNC rebel group, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa has outlined hateful words over Rwanda cabinet reshuffle. The terrorist took the lead and crafted a Facebook post right after the reshuffle was announced and he mainly focused on the Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He alleged that Dr. Richard Sezibera was replaced after an attempt of eliminating him.

Using an imaginary mind, terrorist Nyamwasa pronounced Minister Sezibera dead via his Facebook page “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere”of which was replicated in Uganda regime mouthpieces. Weeks later, Kayumba confused his readers by coming up with more lies that Dr. Sezibera was not actually dead but was in a critical condition. His controversial statements revealed his true colours. https://ktpress.rw/2019/09/kayumba-nyamwasa-is-a-traitor-a-manipulator-gen-kabarebe/

Terrorist Nyamwasa like his paymaster Museveni believes in eliminating those he has a disagreement with, Ben Rutabana is the most recent example. He thinks that everybody must be doing the same thing. Terrorist Nyamwasa just like his role model Museveni embraced nepotism; in his terror group RNC, Nyamwasa made his cousin Rugema Kayumba his right-hand man charged with recruitment in European countries and appointed his brother-in-law Frank Ntwali as leader of the RNC youth wing. He thinks Rwanda should be doing the same in appointing leaders. For “Exhibit1510,” his wife Janet Kataaha Museveni is the Minister of Education and Sports, his son Muhoozi Kainerugaba is the senior security advisor whilst, his in-law Sam Kutesa leads the Ugandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Terrorist Nyamwasa ignores that the Rwandan constitution allows the President to reshuffle his cabinet. In the country that supports Nyamwasa’s terror activities, appointments are based on what relations one has with the first family.

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