Titus Seruga Creates Crazy Fiction For CMI

In an elaborate fiction, Titus Seruga is warmongering on behalf of his sponsors the Ugandan Chieftaincy for Military Intelligence (CMI) claiming to have unveiled a plan to attack Uganda. This time, he comes up with a crazy theory that Rwanda via Tanzania is going to attack Uganda. The innovation in his lie this time is the inclusion of Tanzania in his madness.

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As the CMI Facebook tool, Seruga aka Serubwa clowns along pretending to have access to secret intelligence briefs that he freely shares on Facebook. He completes his fabrications with “secret” Google earth map of a so-called attack plan; the CMI tool classified leak is therefore a publicly available map with his crazy commentaries. But as a propagandist, his objective is to sow fear and xenophobia as a blanket to hide the catastrophic failure by 33 years of corrupt Museveni rule.

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The xenophobia he fuels has begun to have its effect, already a number Innocent Rwandans and Ugandans of Rwandan origins are now randomly attacked by intoxicated Ugandans that believe the regime warmongering narrative. CMI holds hundreds of innocent Rwandans illegally in secret detention facilities. It tortures them and entices them to join the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), the Kayumba Nyamwasa’s terrorist organisation sponsored by the Uganda regime.

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Seruga who is currently seeking asylum in Belgium under disguise as a Rwandan national, can’t invent such fiction on his own; it is actually part of a coordinated effort by the Ugandan ruler Corrupt Museveni. Warmongering helps the junta leader explain why he completely stripped Rwandans of all their rights including the right to safely travel, stay or work in Uganda, right to a trial, and that of protection against torture and physical harm. In Seruga, CMI and Corrupt Museveni found a mouthpiece that will push their hate propaganda as far as possible.

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