RNC propagandist Nuwamanya politicises Joy Agaba’s death

The most outstanding takeaway from all Sula’s posts is his juvenile presentation of facts and retarded arguments, packaged in village kindergarten level English Grammar. It would be unfair though, to fault him for his poor Kinyarwanda because it is well known that his claim to be Rwandan was so he could get free university education at the former National University of Rwanda (UNR). So when he says …. ntago yaguye kugatsi ….one is forced to ignore that it’s not even Kinyarwanda.

It is always difficult to even know what message he wants to pass, but in his recent post, I want to assume that he aimed to express his masters’ sentiments concerning the attendance at Joy Agaba’s burial, whose death he terms ‘scandalous’ (LoL!).

RNC propagandist Nuwamanya was sent to express that the absence of the President was ‘shameful, ostensibly because ‘she was the sister to his childhood friend and comrade in the struggle.’

To say that this is double standard on the part of Corrupt Museveni #Exhibit1510 is an understatement. For if he so loved Gen. Rwigema as he wants us to believe, why didn’t he make him President of Uganda, since he led all the fighting for him? Why did he demote him from even the lowly position he had been appointed to, after he commanded the NRA to the capture of power in Kampala?

If we all physically attended weddings, burials, guhemba, birthday parties of and other events of all our childhood friends, it would end up being a full time job, because this would effectively leave no time for anyone to undertake any other responsibilities.

As usual, it is impossible to understand what RNC propagandist Nuwamanya’s post is all about due to grammatical and intellectual incoherence.

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