1.3Billion funding of Bugesera Airport leaves RNC Propagandist Himbara weeping

There can be no doubt that Himbara is bitter. For all the money he takes from Corrupt Museveni to tarnish Rwanda in his online campaign, Qatar still opted to inject $1.3 Billions in Rwanda.

The RNC propagandist David Himbara’s bad week is not getting any better, the weed smoker reacts with insults as he usually does. After the shock that Rwanda and DR Congo have not fallen to his RNC terrorist games of divide and rule, his week gets worse with the announcement that Bugesera Airport just secured funding. Himbara reacts with name-calling as a way to exert revenge.

After calling the DRC Congo President “puppet” just for his refusal to let Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC militias operate freely in his country, he now pokes at the Rwandan President saying he found a “patron”. This is a typical reaction for those who know Himbara; he hides his bitterness, ignorance and failures.

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That 1.3 Billion proves that Himbara and Museveni’s anti-Rwanda campaign has produced nothing. The RNC propagandist’s attack of the airport deal is pure hogwash, and in particular, his fake concern for Mota Engil Engenharia e Construcao Africa on the new deal. He does not speak for Mota Engil, he does not even understand that Mota Engil also benefits from the deal. If success stories from Rwanda destabilize him, he should seek help urgently as more successes are bound to hit him.

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