Rukundo Rugali Echoes Museveni’s dream of franchising his sponsored terrorist groups in Rwanda

The second Luanda MoU Ad Hoc Implementation commission meeting in Uganda ended with the Ugandan side unable to wiggle themselves out of the pickle they find themselves in. Corrupt Museveni’s regime desperately needs the Rwanda-Uganda border open for the sake of his economy but equally, Museveni is still hell bent on his project to destabilize Rwanda via proxy terrorist groups he created and supports. His Facebook mouthpiece, Gideon Rugari, who doubles as an NRM (ruling party in Uganda) and RNC (Rwandan terrorist group) member offers a theory that would solve Museveni’s pickle.

In short, the paid propagandist writes; If only Rwanda could “franchised” its armed opposition, then all issues would be solved.

Understandably, snookered and caught red handed supporting terrorism, the ideal solution for the Ugandan regime would be sanitation of their murdering terrorists groups to become some form of legitimate political organization. Rugari is therefore trying to express his boss’s wishful way out, an unrealistic fantasy.

The Corrupt Museveni’s sponsored Rwandan National Congress (RNC), its P5 terrorist allies (MRCD-FLN, RUD-Urunana, FDLR, etc), attack civilian with machetes, grenades and guns. They kill innocent civilians as their primary objective. These groups are created by Museveni regime which sponsors their recruitment and mobilisation activities; their captives have revealed details of their operations in Uganda. Their crimes are Museveni’s crime hence the desperate wish to see them franchised.

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Disgraced RNC Terrorist Gideon Rugari’s innovation is inspired by his personal path in becoming a paid mouthpiece. Rugari’s path began with Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) hunting him down for supporting terrorism, he used to smuggle drugs to PAR (a Ugandan rebellion). He was franchised by Elly Tumwine, Uganda’s Minister of Security, and Sabiiti Muzeyi, the Ugandan Police Deputy Inspector General, they offered to work with CMI instead of fighting the Ugandan regime. They also promised to make him a NRM Ndorwa West MP but in exchange of constantly smear Rwanda and its leadership.

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Currently unemployed fired for indiscipline, the polygamist Rugali now need an income more than ever. His “franchise” terrorists fantasy is his way of making money, an attempt to outshine other goons paid by Museveni in writing nonsense. He hopes to get noticed, and hopes those who franchised him will keep their promise and make him the next Ndorwa West member of parliament.

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