New Trend in Museveni’s Paid Mouthpieces as they embark on promoting Nkurunziza’s anti-Rwanda agenda

The Corrupt Museveni sponsored outlet has begun its coordination with the Burundian regime internationally reputed for its crimes against humanity and brutality.

The Burundian junta leader, Pierre Nkuruziza, who forcefully extended his rule by claiming his first term in office did not count, used a press conference to launch a series of unfounded allegations against Rwanda. It offered an entry point for the Museveni sponsored trolls like edge an opportunity to slander Rwanda.

Edge is managed by one Roger Atukunda, he is paid by the Ugandan Police to write smear against Rwanda. In his usual fashion, Nkurunziza played his diversion songs that Rwanda is the source of his problems when he consciously caused the current crisis in Burundi by deliberately ignoring term limits. The crisis has so far led to death of over 5000 innocent Burundians, the displacement of 500,000, and thousands more tortured and illegally detained.

According to the UN Group of Experts,(UNGoE) Burundi has also served as a base for terrorist militias like FDLR, FLN and RNC. Callixte Nsabimana, the leader of FLN extradited to face trial in Rwanda, pled guilty to terrorism charges and confessed that he worked in close collaboration with the Burundian regime. His testimony was confirmed by numerous militia attacks in the southern province of Rwanda. The favorite militia route in their terrorist attacks is through Nyungwe Forest that extends into Burundi.

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A virunga Post website article recently elaborate on Uganda and Burundi’s joint efforts in destabilizing Rwanda. Edge article relaying Nkurunziza irrational and senseless speech is an indication that the collaboration has begun. No self-respecting journalists, other than a paid propagandist would give any value to the words of someone who openly claims to hear voices and who sees the future in his dreams.

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Currently under International Criminal Court Investigations for crimes against Humanity, Museveni’s ally in destabilizing Rwanda, Nkurunziza should focus on the numerous challenges he created when he opted to disregard constitutional term limits.

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