CMI-RNC lapdog Gideon Rugali funny sanitation of Museveni’s lifetime presidency

Disgraced Doctor, Gideon Rukundo Rugali is pulling all stops, as time for campaigns draws nearer and nearer. Under pressure to prove his worth in order to earn corrupt Museveni’s nod to stand for the Ndorwa West Parliamentary seat, the man with a conflicted personality is throwing all caution to the wind, badly embarrassing himself.

Instead of putting his medical training to some good use, the conflicted Doctor has decided to sell his knowledge to the devil by dedicating what he learnt in medical school towards attacking Rwanda and its leaders in order to win the favour of the Ugandan ruler Corrupt Museveni.

In his recent post, the disgraced Doctor poured out all the psychology he learnt in medical school, so that he could sound sophisticatedly smart, all this to impress his master. In all his efforts, he has started to get desperate and coming out a little too awkward, even to his senile master, for trying too hard.

Except, he is lying to his master, by sarcastically analysing his behaviour and making him believe he is actually talking about Rwandan leaders. For instance, as he pretends to talk about leaders ruling beyond three Presidential terms, he pretends his Museveni is not Africa’s prime culprit in what concerns this political crime. Sarcastically, he attempts to sanitise Museveni by absolving him of overstaying in power in the most awkward way.

Look at how he hilariously explains why Museveni has overstayed in power: “President Museveni has his own reasons why he will seek another term and has addressed himself to these imperatives. Whether any one individual agrees or disagrees with him is another matter….” Hilarious, aint it? This conflicted CMI-RNC lapdog Rugali knows he is playing on the mind of his master.

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As he conveniently tries to utilise psychological concepts to attack Rwanda, he cleverly projects his master’s traits on Rwanda’s leadership. Otherwise, the psychological concepts of projection and reaction formation that he sought to utilise bring out the behaviour of his master more than it does on Rwanda.

Otherwise, how would you explain the denials of evidence produced by the recent UN Group of experts concerning facilitation and support to P5 group of militias? Add that to evidence implicating Museveni’s cabinet Minister Philemon Mateke in the facilitation of the militias that attacked residents of Kinigi and killed 14 innocent civilian in cold blood. What about the kidnap of innocent Rwandans by CMI and torturing them, and as they deny this, they dump them at the border at intervals? Disgraced Rugali should be analysing his master more than anyone else.

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The conflicted Rugali should be reminded that attacking Rwanda won’t earn him the Ndorwa West seat; the people of Ndorwa recently disowned Rugali, they made it clear that, they are interested in peace and development not his nonsensical propaganda.

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