Kenneth Roth’s HRW reports taken with a pinch of salt as another biased report is published on Rwanda

In 1993 Human Rights Watch (HRW) appointed Kenneth Roth as their Executive Director and since 1994 Rwanda has been at the receiving end of biased reports from the organization. The organization’s bias against Rwanda has been extensively written about. Reading Fred Oluoch-Ojiwah, in 2010, who asked “Is Kenneth Roth in love with Genocidaires?” and Richard Johnson’s publication in 2013, “The Travesty of Human Rights Watch on Rwanda”, it becomes clear that HRW and Kenneth Roth have an ax against Rwanda. HRW’s latest report on a Rwandan Rehabilitation Center exhibits its partiality even further.

Reporting for the third time about a National Rehabilitation transit facility, HRW produced yet another hostile report on Rwanda. It is not very hard to detect their hostilities; a simple scan of HRW’s titles on Rwanda is enough. “Why Not Call This Place a Prison?”, “We Will Force You to Confess” or their latest on “As Long as We Live on the Streets, They Will Beat Us” are just some of the titles on Rwanda. In their unique style, HRW as always tries to stir drama on Rwanda with the help of anonymous sources. The latest report, “As Long as We Live on the Streets, They Will Beat Us”, will leave any activist confused. HRW is in effect asking for children to have the right to become street children.

If the Human Rights Watch had interests in advocating or defending human rights; it would have released at least one report about hundreds of innocent Rwandans abducted, tortured and illegally held in secret detentions in Uganda without trial or access to both their advocates and families; but since it’s about Rwanda and Rwandans, the watchdog lost interests in the matter.

In the Non-Governmental Organization industry, Human Rights Watch has always been taken with a pinch of salt. It operates in the most opaque manner, with astronomical amounts of money presumably in advocating for Human Rights. Take their Executive Director, Kenneth Roth, currently paid $630,000 per year, and considering that he has been at the helm of the organization for 27 years. He has made at the very least $10 Million Dollars in salary alone, all in the name of activism. To most humanitarian, such pay rates make HRW more of a public relations business.

Without constructing a school, a hospital, or anything, in 2017, HRW managed to consume $75 Million USD in 2017. By 2019, HRW declares to over $ 200 Million in assets. The only activity for the pseudo-NGO is to fundraise and generate Human Rights reports. The pseudo-NGO that does not buy even a single bag of maize for street kids attacks a youth transit center simply out of spite but also as a strategy to raise more funds. If Kenneth Roth or Human Rights Watch cared for street kids, they would spend at the very least 1% of their assets worth on children. Unfortunately, HRW realities are elsewhere spending over $16 Million in 2019 alone on lobbying and fundraising.

Human Right Watch is a financial operation that picks headlines to milk and exploit for huge salaries and paycheques. At the end of the day, Kenneth Roth likes Rwanda; it has been his golden goose for almost 30 years. He will never say anything positive on Rwanda that might cost him millions in revenue.

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