David Muruganwa aka Himbara predicting COVID-19 doom but forgets it will kill him first

David Muruganwa aka Himbara, the weed-smoking terrorist propagandist, must be suffering from incurable megalomania. He is so delusional that he believes he appealed and obtained a written apology from them. In reality, Himbara is talking to an automated system with clicks and buttons and then follows it with a few screenshots to prove that he is that important.

A failed conman, David Muruganwa Himbara is now on the Ugandan regime payroll to write smear and slander on Rwanda. It is his daily occupation, his means of survival in the hideout in Canada. For example; on the current COVID-19, Murunganwa is busy writing about the impact of 11 cases in Rwanda from Canada where they record 873 cases. In other words, the weed smoker lives in an area with more COVID-19 cases than the entire African Continent (almost double) but still has time for hateful propaganda and self-glorification.

While he is busy predicting doom on Rwanda, he forgets that he is in a dangerous area for a 70 year-old heavy weed smoker. If he catches COVID-19, an extremely high possibility, David Muruganwa aka Himbara will not survive it. Weakened by his delinquent lifestyle, the Ugandan regime sponsored propagandist should stop playing with numbers he does not understand about investments, foreign reserve, or GDP.

Instead, as recommended by the World Health Organization and promoted by the Rwandan President, Himbara should wash his hands.

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