Uganda’s application for IMF credit facility pending due regime’s funds embezzlement record

Impeccable sources within the regime’s finance docket have revealed that Uganda applied for International Monetary Fund (IMF) credit facility to support its fight against the world pandemic COVID-19, but Ugandan authorities have been tasked to prove that the money won’t be diverted to people’s pockets. The Americans now are pressuring the World Bank that museveni first explains his corruption scandal in the Manhattan case.

In Manhattan, Patrick Ho was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail for bribing Museveni (Exhibit 1510) and his Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa (Exhibit 1514) with $500,000 each. Kutesa no longer travels to the US fearing arrest, Museveni still makes calculated trips under the cover of Head of State immunity; something he will automatically lose when his reign comes to an end.

Museveni and Kutesa will still have a case to answer in the Patrick Ho case as Exhibit 1510 and 1514 for decades to come.

The irate Museveni has therefore directed his anti-Rwanda propagandists to raise red alarms that Rwanda’s economy is collapsing following her USD109 million emergency funding from the IMF.

The hostile anti-Rwanda propaganda sponsored by the Ugandan regime is angered that Rwanda secured emergency funding in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Museveni regime has a fraud, a weed smoking mouthpiece David Murunganwa Himbara, who failed to complete high school, as their point man in economics. Their reaction, motivated by envy, proves how illiterate Himbara and his sponsors are.

Unable to understand basic economic concepts, he claims that the Rwandan economy has collapsed and that IMF is rescuing it with $100 million dollars. IMF, a Brentwood institution whose task is to protect international trade and financial stability, usually provides countries with lending facilities to stabilize their balance of payments obligations. It does so to protect currencies by offering SDRs or Special Drawing Rights. It established a Rapid Credit Facility to respond to the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illiterate Murunganwa Himbara confuses IMF with the World Bank which is the Brentwood institution createe to assist economies. With the pandemic, the IMF announced that it can mobilize up to $1 Trillion USD to assist member countries to stabilize the international financial system. So far, they have assisted Honduras with about $143 Million, $23,5 Million to Guinea, they are finalizing $221 Million with Senegal and have concluded a $109,4 Million agreement with Rwanda. Almost all member countries are in discussion with IMF, including Uganda.

The only reason why Uganda is sponsoring the fake narrative of economic collapse is because it is not able to reach a deal as fast as Rwanda. With its endemic corruption, IMF and other lenders are more careful when it comes to giving Uganda money since Uganda never accounts for the given funds nor does it use them for what they are meant for.

For 34 years, all money lent to Uganda ended up in Museveni’s bank accounts and ones of his cronies. But to avoid a disturbance of the international financial system, after certain safeguards, even Uganda will eventually receive protection for its financial sector.

The academic fraud Himbara cannot comprehend that a $100 million loan cannot be an indication that a $10 Billion per year economy (GDP of 9.8 Billion in 2019) has collapsed. It is rather an indication that Rwanda has the credibility to secure loans quickly, and the foresight to mitigate what the COVID-19 pandemic might have on its financial sector. It is a sharp contrast to Museveni who doesn’t want anyone but him, at the threat of murder charges, to even try and assist Ugandans with food relief. He wants all assistance to be done through him in order to secure his corruption commission cut.

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