Murunganwa Himbara, a self-proclaimed professor of development fails to interpret financial statements

David Murunganwa Himbara, after a series of failed propaganda targeting the International Monetary Fund (IMF) rapid credit facility, has decided to target Rwanda’s sovereign fund, Agaciro Development Fund. As usual, the sponsored terrorist weed smoking propagandist tries to manipulate numbers and does his best to mix concepts to satisfy his Ugandan regime sponsored anti-Rwanda campaign.

Himbara,the self proclaimed professor of international development, doesn’t understand much in finance or economics, he understands even less when it comes to development. For someone who forged his high school diploma, forging numbers and concepts is his only way to denigrate Rwanda on behalf of Museveni.

He tries to push a false narrative that Rwanda’s economy has collapsed simply because it sought IMF’s rapid credit facility to combat the covid19 pandemic. He is unable to understand that IMF deals with monetary and financial stability and that it is not linked to development or development funds. The truth, that Rwanda has a $200 Million sovereign development fund and qualified quickly for the IMF rapid credit facility, hurts his sponsor Museveni beyond belief.

The facts are simple, IMF has a contingency fund to mitigate the impact of covid19 and Rwanda is using it. This is not the case for Museveni’s regime, with a global reputation for corruption. With his corruption record and linked criminal cases, Museveni cannot easily access the IMF’s Rapid Credit Facility or any financial product for that matter.

In one case, in Manhattan, one Patrick Ho was convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail for bribing Museveni (Exhibit 1510) and his Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa (Exhibit 1514) with $500,000 each. Kutesa no longer travels to the US fearing arrest, Museveni still makes calculated trips under the cover of Head of State immunity; something he will automatically lose when his reign comes to an end.

Museveni and Kutesa will still have a case to answer in the Patrick Ho case as Exhibit 1510 and 1514 for decades to come.

Sadly, it’s corruption in Uganda that led to their COVID19 crisis. Over 70 suspected individuals bribed their way out of quarantine and went on to infect the general public. Museveni’s corruption regime blocks international relief efforts and caused COVID19 infections.

His response is to finance conman like Himbara and entertain with bizarre televised shows. His ministers ask him for clarification on live TV and he fumbles in all aspects with irrelevant lectures like claims, in the middle of a COVID19 brief, that he thanked God COVID19 is not sexually transmissible like Ebola!

David Murunganwa Himbara has been unmasked as a fraudster numerous times. From his fake high school record, to his misquotes of reputable international organizations. He is not a trustworthy source by any stretch of the imagination. The only victim in his con games are his sponsors. They are literally funding a lost cause, one that has no impact. Murunganwa’s sponsored propaganda just like with the sponsored RNC terrorist organization, Museveni’s money have failed to destabilize Rwanda.

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