Sigh of relief from Ugandans as Museveni fails to appear for Coronavirus TV updates

Has Museveni finally woken up to reality? The New Vision, Uganda Government mouthpiece has tweeted, informing Ugandans to not wait on Museveni today on TV as had earlier been announced. The tweet, quoting Museveni’s press secretary, Don Wanyama, clarified that Museveni would instead respond in writing, to some social media questions.

For someone who had become the face of the COVID-19 on all TV channels through his almost daily updates, this has set Ugandans talking.

Some are even wondering whether Museveni has been diagnosed positive with Coronavirus, or whether it could be that he has finally realised that no matter how many appearance he makes on TV, Coronavirus cases in Uganda will not stop from increasing, especially due to the fact that it was mismanaged from the onset, and then there was the rampage by the UPDF, Police and LDUs agents.

Now Museveni has abdicated from his newly found passion that of being a TV personality. The New Vision’s tweet attracted speculative questions from Ugandans.

Many wondered whether the President had contracted Coronavirus like many Ugandans, while others sighed with relief, opining that the TV appearances were a waste of time since many TV viewers were denied entertainment time while he was on, and that he wasn’t saying anything new and neither was he making any socially palatable directives.

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