CMI loudmouth Katureebe shoots himself in the foot as Facebook audience debates on his ailing sponsor’s health status

Obed Katureebe, the Ugandan regime’s Facebook mouthpiece who operates the Robert Patrick Fati (RPf) Gakwerere page, rumormongering and slanders finally catches up with him. In his latest post, he decides to fake a health analysis of the Rwandan President but forgot that his sponsors health is deteriorating every passing day.

Sponsored by Yoweri Museveni, Katureebe is dictated to write smears in support of Ugandan regime’s the anti-Rwanda campaign m. Normally, he writes fiction and lies always targeting the Rwandan Head of State and the entire leadership but stays clear of issues that might backfire.

The leadership’s health is a sensitive issue in Uganda and Katureebe just opened pandora’s box. Unlike the videos of a sickly Museveni coughing and sneezing, his doctored view of one video showing the Rwandan President walking to the memorial site of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis, shows nothing newsworthy.

On the other hand, Museveni is not well and that’s not a state secret. One would have to be blind to dispute it. He lost over 40 kg and continues to shrink from the chemotherapy treatment of his cancer. Recently, viewers in Uganda watched him coughing and spitting in horror as he makes more appearances with burns in his face, hands and other parts of his body. Cameras turned away during the live broadcast but the audio was clear, Museveni could barley catch his breath.

Katureebe’s sponsor has been sick for a long time. Complications have rendered the almost 80 years old dictator wear dippers for the past decade. His inconsistency is also expensive to the Ugandan State as Museveni can only travel in customized cars fitted with a hidden toilet seat. Faced with fact that his body was decaying publicly, he came up with the lamest excuse, “Doctors had lied to me about my weight, I am now on a special diet to loose weight.”

No amount of video montage witchcraft can make Museveni look healthy. Obed Katureebe who also works for the Ugandan Communication Commission knows this.

Picking and doctoring on other leaders public appearances is the only diversion he can offer.

Museveni is dying a public death for lack of a planned succession. His cancer ridden body will not hold for long, and thanks to Katureebe’s smear on leaders’ health issues, Museveni’s own health will be closely watched.

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