#COVID-19: RNC Chief Financier is showing off to partner in crime Senile Museveni with dummy cheques

The international terrorist bankroller is using the global COVID-19 pandemic for a media stunt to reinvent himself as a philanthropist. Rujugiro, who more than anything hates Rwanda for rejecting his corrupt practices.

Rujugiro pushed for coverage of his $60,000 USD gift but most of the media refused to attend; only Chimpreports and Softpower turned out. As an associate of Gen Salim Saleh, the Somali half-brother of Uganda’s ruler, he easily summoned Muhame’s Chimpreports and Kagingo’ Softpower to cover this awkward event. Chimpreports and Softpower are sponsored by the Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) to smear Rwanda. Sarah Kagingo, a long timeconcubine to Salim Saleh, and Giles Muhame now find themselves putting makeup on a pig.

Rujugiro, who will do everything possible to avoid paying a cent in taxes, preferring to bribe top officials and buying protection, cannot be projected as a philanthropist. From Cape Town to London, Rujugiro’s name is synonymous with fraud, tax evasion, corruption, and all other economic crimes. He funds the RNC, a terrorist armed militia that is determined to destabilize Rwanda from Uganda.

Rujugiro has been on a charm offensive in Uganda claiming that he was an ordinary businessman who is out to help the poor. But if he was interested in this he wouldn’t avoid paying taxes by bribing powerful individuals like Salim Saleh.

The fact that Chimpreports and Softpower, key players in the anti-Rwandan media campaign, are the only ones covering his “good deeds” speaks volumes.

For those who know Rujugiro, they warn that the dummy cheques on display might not even be cashed out. They say Rujugiro will most likely bribe someone to take on even a smaller donation. But as an associate to Uganda’s “first brother” he had to organize a short media stunt to let senile Museveni know that he is a diehard supporter of his anarchy.

In a country where opposition was banned from offering any assistance in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, it is interesting that a criminal that funds terrorism and commits economic crimes is allowed these kinds of stunts.

It appears for the Uganda regime a foreign criminal associate has more rights than the domestic opposition.

Inquisitive minds wonder if The Ugandan Ruler would accept a contribution from world renowned criminals and terrorists like Joseph Kony or one from Osama Bin Laden Foundation?

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