Senile Museveni’s “Family and Friends” government run offices like private firms

Senile Museveni’s trolls are fixated on the removal of Patrick Nyamvumba, and judging by their frenzied orgies, we might never hear the end of it.

But strangely, as senile Museveni instructs his trolls to make noise about the removal of a minister in Rwanda, his backyard is marred by chaos. The old tyrant has descended with psychotic brutality on his liberation comrades as well as young Ugandans aspiring to end his 35 year kleptocratic rule.

Envious of Rwanda’s transformation and organisation, senile Museveni instructs his trolls to create distractions that would take the world’s attention away from his worst handling of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the growing open protests against his corrupt rule.

While the system in Rwanda works like clockwork to the extent that Rwandans are accustomed to changes in public service, the world has been witnessing degeneration in senile museveni’s kleptocratic system.

The world knows that senile Museveni’s establishment is a club of family and friends. These friends and family members preside over public office like private firms, knowing quite well that they are not liable to accountability. The super ‘civil servants’ and military ‘historicals’ are above any reproach; even the law of the land has nothing on them.

You would not expect a grouping like this to understand a system like that of Rwanda that has stringent checks and balances to ensure optimum performance towards effective service delivery.

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