Senile Museveni’s ass licking Katureebe amplifies pathetic chest-thumping stunt

The ass licking Obed Katureebe, aka Robert Patrick Gakwerere, writes “Afande Mukubwa” on Twitter addressing Senile Museveni, proving for the thousandth time that the terrorist group he is affiliated with (Kayumba Nyamwasa’s RNC) is in bed with Senile Museveni. Ass licker Katureebe then continues to give the game away with further anti-Rwanda propaganda.

Why is ass licker Obed Katureebe (Facebook alias Rpf Gakwerere) publicly masturbating himself over a statement by senile Museveni claiming “big military capacity by Uganda”? Could it be that his CMI handlers Abel Kandiho and CK Asiimwe have instructed him to amplify the pathetic chest-stamping stunt?

No one is frightened by Senile Museveni’s boasts of “his tough military”, his ass licker Katureebe should know that! Has the ass-licker has forgotten the bloody nose his senile boss received 3 times! Despite all his loud rhetoric of “invincible UPDF”?

People are just rolling in laughter at this clown Obed Katureebe, and the bombastic words of his senile sponsor.

Ass licker Obed, no one is scared of paper tigers like the senile ruler of the Matooke Republic.

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