Sypreports whitewashing smuggling crimes by Ugandans

Bob Atwine’s SpyreportUG on Facebook just woke up with slanderous lies about Ugandans supposedly “killed by Rwanda.”

Not surprising since this is all part of the anti-Rwanda campaign by Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). Atwine receives his money from Sarah Kagingo to sustain the campaign – all under the supervision of CMI deputy director in charge of anti-terrorism, Brig. CK Asiimwe.

In the latest smears, Spyreports writes down a list of Ugandan smugglers to portray them as “innocent victims”.

No Rwandan security force wakes up in the morning to go hunt for anyone. The list of people Atwine mentions were smugglers, and were engaged in cross border criminality. These people carried out their criminal smuggling, late in the night. They use ungazetted, illegal crossings and were always armed with weapons such as machetes or spears.

Upon being stopped – over different periods of time – they actually attacked Rwandan security patrols. That would happen even after being told lawfully to stop. They would choose to use violence. They would attack with their weapons.

Each of these smugglers were shot by members of security patrols in self-defense.

Ugandan regime propagandists prefer to write anti-Rwanda smears, but they should advise Ugandan citizens to obey the law. They should advise any Ugandan that if he or she wants to trade, the only way is through legal, recognized borders, in broad daylight. They should remember that criminal crossings from Uganda have also included terrorist attacks, such as the one in Kinigi last October that killed 14 innocent people.

Propaganda organs like “Spyreports” should know Rwanda is a country of law and order. They should know that their propaganda will not lead to Rwanda relaxing her vigilance against any elements using illegal crossings including terrorist militias operating in Uganda.

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