RNC terror agent Sulah Nuwamanya can’t leave Nkurunziza death

Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi, an RNC recruiter and propagandist is leaving no stone unturned to secure the new Burundian leadership as an ally. The terror agent is frightened he could be handed to Rwanda in the MoU framework! So he constantly tries to drag Rwanda into the death of the late Burundian President Nkurunziza with a fictitious narrative. His direct supervisor CK Asiimwe secured him space in Ugandan.com tabloid to throw mud at Rwanda.

Nuwamanya and his Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsors fear a diplomatic rapprochement between Rwanda and Burundi. So the RNC agent, also a CMI tool Nuwamanya desperately tries to create a fiction that “Rwanda killed Nkurunziza”.

This fiction is not even childish, it is for retards. Even Nkurunziza’s own wife disclosed the deceased Burundi president died of Covid-19.

Nuwamanya’s acts are directly controlled and dictated by CMI’s top hierarchy: its boss Abel Kandiho, and his deputy CK Asiimwe. Currently, Nuwamanya and his RNC bed mate Prossy Bonaabana live in a CMI guarded residence in Mutungo, Kampala. They drive around with armed escort. They also receive huge lump sums and monthly salaries from Tribert Rujugiro, RNC Chief Financier.

So, they have to resort to every desperate, even retarded anti-Rwanda smear to maintain the narrative that enables them their lifestyle.

Since Nkurunziza’s death announcement, Nuwamanya and other CMI trolls have tried their best to contradict the true reason – Covid-19.

Whereas the Burundian government says Nkurunziza died of a heart attack, everyone knows that’s an “official version”.

But why have the RNC trolls even refused the “heart attack” version? Because it doesn’t fit their narrative. They have to pin Rwanda, come what may!

With a new President in Burundi, Ugandan President Museveni has nightmares of a rapprochement between Rwanda and Burundi – which is possible! Their project to destabilize Rwanda would suffer another blow. So they will deploy every propagandist tool to create fictions such as Nuwamanya’s.

But the Kampala regime should not assume it is the one to dictate, or even choose for the new administration in Bujumbura who its allies are, or aren’t.

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