Dictator Museveni’s muzzling of the media means freedom of speech in Katureebe’s demented mind

Dear Bazukulu of the Arm-rotting dictator Museveni,

The CMI funded Facebook mercenary Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, operating from UCC, is praising your bloodthirsty dictator for torturing, killing Ugandan and foreign journalists. His intent is to divert Ugandans’ attention to emerging mysterious killings and disappearance of Ugandan activists and journalists.

Various surveys have placed Uganda on top for both media and political repression, the UCC has been infringing the media rights on orders of the cancer-stricken dictator Museveni. CMI’s monkey tricks should be redirected elsewhere not in matters to with media freedom or anything concerning the press freedom in Uganda given the bad record set by the Matooke republic.

Talking of lack of freedom of speech in Rwanda, CMI lapdog Katureebe should remind himself that his arm-rotting dictator Museveni abducted, tortured, and jailed activist and university don Stella Nyanzi for trumped-up charges of ‘cyber harassment against the president’. What do we call that? The tyrant has on many occasions been on the spot over muzzling the press and killing journalists, does Katureebe recall what happened in Arua in 2018? The award-winning photo-journalist James Akena was clobbered to death by Museveni’s brainwashed SFC goons, he’s now confined in a wheelchair; such hooliganism is yet to happen in Rwanda.

For the mentally deranged Professor Aimable Karasira, found himself in the hot soup after falling in the trap set up by the Genocidaires, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, and members of his RNC ragtag militia group, who lured him into their subversive media campaigns against the Rwandan government. Now Karasira is crying wolf after losing his job, salary. Those who promised him wonders including catering for his demands, contributing thousands of dollars vanished without transacting a penny to his account.

As for claims of confiscating bank accounts and properties of the opposition, these are fictitious claims and only know to the CMI troll and his 81-year-old tyrant Museveni. This actually reminds many of what happens in Uganda if one is perceived to oppose Museveni and his son’s presidency project. For instance, Gen Tumukunde has lost all his companies, estates, petrol stations after declaring to challenge Museveni in the upcoming presidential race, the same happened to Besigye and now the frail despot is targeting Bobi Wine’s businesses.

As for Katureebe’s fiction that Gen James Kabarebe is eyeing the presidency, it should be treated as mere diversion tricks. But be it as it may, Rwanda is a democracy where everybody is free to exercise his/her constitutional right and standing for the presidency is one of those rights; contrary to what takes place in the Matooke republic. Whoever declares interest in the presidency or opposes the ‘Mohoozi Project’ is poised or shot dead in broad daylight like Brig Nobble Mayombo, Gen James Kazini, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, Herny Tumukunde, and others.

We will be unfolding one scandal after another as the CMI sponsored mouthpiece plays his diversion tricks, any single smear against the Rwandan leadership will thoroughly be debunked by exposing the frail dictator Museveni’s shenanigans.

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