Nuwamanya’s lamentations on Rusesabagina won’t prevent justice to take its course

The lamentations, the whining, the shedding of crocodile tears from all CMI barking dogs won’t thwart justice of those who wronged Rwandans to take place. Reading Nuwamanya’s post crying in vain about the arrest of a terror suspect Paul Rusesabagina, one wonders how hopeless a loser like him can be. Little does he know he is next.

If Sulah Nuwamanya wasn’t a loser, he would have the onus to explain why did he flee Rwanda and what exactly are his grievances? Can he? This deadbeat fellow who abandoned his wife and four children to be catered for by the generous Rwanda government is the last person to say anything related to justice because he has no clue about it, he is green in that field.

The mentally deranged Sulah grievances are in a wrong direction, the clown never learns anything, he is the same fellow who joined RNC to fight a country that caters for his wife and his children, it’s like stepping out of your house and torch it mindless of how many of your people are sleeping inside.

Instead of treading carefully even in the reality of things were terror suspects like Paul Rusesabagina are being brought to justice from far ends of the world, Nuwamanya who is housed under CMI care in Matungo land in Kampala cannot pause and think twice. He should not be surprised when he lands in Kigali soonest to face similar charges.

He should first deal with his own problems and leave the issue of Rusesabagina alone. His RNC military wing, which he supported in whichever manner was crushed and annihilated and some of its leaders like notorious Ben Rutabana were kidnapped by CMI, nobody knows whether they are alive or not. Sulah might bark to death, but Justice in Rwanda will take place.

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