CMI sponsored agent Katureebe sanitizes terrorist Rusesabagina to cover up his unholy alliance with Museveni

Obed Katureebe aka Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, CMI paid troll working at Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) is up to his monkey tricks trying to whitewash Paul Rusesabagina to divert attention from his unholy alliance with Despot Museveni to destabilise Rwanda.

Katureebe will not the Bazukulu that the Arm-rotting Dictator Museveni offered arms to Terrorist Rusesabagina’s FLN militia group and trained its recruits in the South Kivu, Dr Congo.

Rusesabagina through his brother in arms and former spokesperson of his FLN used to hold meetings with CMI officials delegated by Its head, the skinny assassin Abel Kandiho.

Museveni through his anti-Rwanda process handler Kandiho, pledged both military and diplomatic support to Rusesabagina’s terrorist Group MRCD-FLN to overthrow the Rwandan government.

CMI dimwitted troll and his bedridden cancer-stricken Dictator Museveni have panicked fearing the beans that Rusesabagina will spill after his arrest.

Tyrant Museveni the self-proclaimed freedom fighter continues to threaten the entire Great Lakes region’s security by forming up and funding proxy groups.

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