Ugandan police foils Museveni’s orders to publicize the flopped ‘Muhoozi Project’

Ugandan regime’s arm-rotting ruler Museveni recently ordered the resumption of ‘Muhoozi Project’ the flopped scheme to groom his Genetically Modified LDU drunko son Muhoozi Kainerugaba to become the next President of Uganda.

A group of mobilized youths have been going around the country pinning Muhoozi’s photos on the walls as well as painting his military portrait.

With despot Museveni currently on his deathbed, it’s becoming increasingly a high-stakes battle between the thuggish Muhoozi and Odrek Rwabwogo. The latter is supported by the epileptic First Lady Janet Museveni Mwesigwa Makumbi pushing the bedridden to run countrywide campaigns on ‘Muhoozi Project’.

Museveni‘s undercover mission botched recently when his security agencies started removing the pinned photos of his son in yet another conspicuous defiance of Museveni’s orders.

Nevertheless, the cancer-dying dictator Museveni plans for another massive campaign to publicize his drunko son’s presidential ambitions and a huge budget has been earmarked for the project, remember these are Uganda taxpayer’s money being looted.

The clash between Museveni’s pro-Muhozi youths and his security agencies comes at the time when the Rwakitura Empire’s epileptic Kataha Mweisgwa wants to kill Museveni and his Casanova son Muhoozi to install her in-law Rwabwogo as the next president of Uganda.

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