Sulah Nuwamanya praises Sgt Maj Robert for defiling own daughther

It’s entirely fitting that CMI-RNC agent Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi, a heartless terrorist that abandoned his four children and his wife to join a terrorist organization RNC used by Museveni, just claimed that he is praying for Sgt. Maj. Kabera who fled to Uganda after defiling his own daughter.

If there is anything certain to be found in Sulah’s comment, it’s that each individual has his own choice, Sulah left his wife and four children that are currently being taken care of by the Rwandan government and exiled in Uganda.

The deadbeat dad preferred joining her part-time girlfriend and fellow RNC agent Prossy Bonabaana whom he even shares with his CMI handlers leaving his own family on the streets of Kigali before being picked up by the government.

Sgt. Maj. Robert Kabera chose to rape his own child and exiled in Uganda just like Sulah and other criminals who have found safe haven in that country.

But each of them will answer for their crimes!

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