Serubwa playing his part in an assassination plot

Titus Seruga, better known as short Serubwa, revealed his role in the assassination plot against Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. Seruga, paid by the Ugandan Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence, continuously posts on Facebook the regime’s propaganda. Posting his CMI sponsor’s rumors that the opposition leader’s life is in danger from an assassination plot from Rwanda, Serubwa, once again plays his part in an assassination plot. He creates a cover story for his sponsors to commit murder!

That Seruga’s paymaster (CMI Abel Kandiho and President’s son Kainerugaba Muhoozi) want Bobi Wine dead is public knowledge; it is a fact and an undeniable truth. On the 13th of October 2018, SFC (Uganda’s presidential guard under Muhoozi’s command) shot and killed Bobi Wine’s driver thinking that the opposition leader was driving his car. Furious at the mistaken identity error, they hunted down Bobi Wine and abducted him to a safehouse where he was given a crippling beating. News of his abduction saved him from certain gruesome death in a torture facility.

The Ugandan President’s son wrote it on his Twitter account and even his father said it, “we will crush you [referring to Bobiwine]!” Barely a week ago, they brutally arrested Bobi Wine for violating a COVID19 regulation and when his supporters protested, they killed over 200 of them in 48 hours. The unrest that followed forced the Ugandan regime to release Bobi Wine. They now opted to create a diversion to continue on their quest to kill him.

It is not the first time that Serubwa creates such diversion by prematurely scapegoating for his paymaster to kill someone. Serubwa did the exact same thing for the Late Muhammad Kirumira, a police officer who had decided to fight corruption. Seruga began circulating bizarre rumors of an assassination plot against Kirumira from Kigali to cover that Kainerugaba Muhoozi was actually planning one in Kampala. Seruga did this despite the fact that even late Kirumira had denounced that powerful cartels in Kampala wanted to kill him.

Titus Serubwa’s tactics have been unmasked. His post received over 300 angry insults from his fellow Ugandans who called him out for his alliance with those that tormented Bobi Wine. They told him point-blank, “we are not fools”, but perhaps they should also have asked him to intervene and beg his sponsors not to kill Bobi Wine. Alternatively, while in Belgium, Serubwa should seek legal advice on how to mount a defense against a charge of conspiracy to murder!

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