CMI propaganda tool SpyUganda amplifies Genocide revisionist smears against the Rwandan head of state

There is never any shortage of evidence that the Ugandan regime sponsored media outlets, such as Spyuganda, continue to deliberately deny the genocide against the Tutsi with a core mission of justifying Yoweri Tibuhaburwa aka Museveni’s effort to unify, harbor, and sponsor terrorists, genocidaires, and other anti-Rwandan forces hell bent on destabilizing Rwanda.

In the latest, spyUganda toyed around with some utterly groundless allegations commonly used by genocidaires in their trials, and more recently promoted by their offspring and their acolytes in trolling the Rwandan head of state.

Spyuganda framed the recent revelation by a notorious genocide revisionist named Judi Rever as new, but Rever’s sensational claims are not new. They come along every few years, wrapped in a different package. And each time again the details can easily be traced back to Hutu extremist publications from those who prepared, executed, and subsequently denied the genocide in Rwanda.

In essence, their article appears to be deliberately misleading in a way that even the ‘top secret’ report of the Special Investigations team of the ICTR cited by Spyuganda or Rever, which summarizes accusations collected from political dissidents and army deserters in the Diaspora, several of whom later retracted their statements, did not reach conclusions that in any way President Paul Kagame committed war crimes during the genocide.

So, on the face of it, their article shed light on the same accurate facts with the ones that are demonstrably rooted in the old Hutu Power propaganda, such as the story of Tutsi-infiltrators terrorizing their fellow Tutsi at roadblocks, an allegation broadcast by RTLM radio in June 1994.

In contrast, The last three decades will go down in Ugandan history as ‘Dark’ owing to unrelenting atrocities and other war crimes committed by Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni who is now killing hundreds of innocent civilians and attempting to assassinate his political rival Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine, seen by many Ugandans as the next head of state.

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