Deluded CMI troll Obed Katureebe has to wait, his paymaster will end up in ICC

CMI-sponsored troll Obed Katureebe will blindly jump at every incidence to smear the Rwandan leadership. In his unequivocal irrelevance, he will try every imaginary propaganda against Rwanda to get his CMI paycheck. Yet the more he does so, the more he looks mentally sick.

The piece he has just posted on the fate of a certain Allain, whom he doesn’t know his second name or his place of residence, (yet was quick to conclude that he is a Munyamulenge and was killed by Rwanda leadership), is just another sign of Katureebe’s obsessions.

One wonders under what authority he declares the cause of death of someone in Rwanda from his office in Uganda Communications Commission? But of course CMI trolls made it their business long ago that every time a Rwandan passes away, they have to fall over themselves to blame the Rwandan government.

But if anything Robert Fati Gakwerere alias Katureebe should put more focus on hundreds of innocent Ugandans being abducted, tortured and killed by his paymaster Museveni and his deadly regime. Who can’t see Ugandan mothers, grandmothers, fathers crying for their disappeared children? Katureebe thinks these realities (of the mass crimes of his paymaster) will disappear because of his foolish lies about Rwanda?

If he thinks so, he is in for a rude shock. His paymaster, criminal Museveni, will be dragged to an international criminal tribunal for gross, and widespread abuses of human rights.

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