Ingabire, Ntaganda twist President Kagame’s words to espouse the double genocide theory

Unrepentant genocide denier Ingabire Victoire and her day-to-day accomplice Bernard Ntaganda have been caught in yet another act of mendacity, twisting President Kagame’s words in an attempt to spread the long-debunked, poisonous double genocide theory.

Ingabire and Ntaganda on Friday extracted a fraction of President Kagame’s quote from his long

interview with Lord Evgeny Lebedev – the major shareholder of the UK-based Independent media outlet – in which the President hinted at various issues concerning conservation and the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi that claimed more than a million lives. The President mentioned that there were Hutus that died, but stressed “they did not die as a result of being targeted for who they are.”

However, Ingabire and Ntaganda, who call themselves “political opposition inside Rwanda” were quick to issue a joint statement in which they openly promoted double genocide theory by calling on the government to ensure “the Hutus are also remembered!” As if they too were targeted for extermination!

The two revisionists weren’t done however. They also demanded the initiation of a fund “to assist Hutu families that have lost loved ones,” a similar fund normally supports vulnerable survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi. This is adding insult to injury.

Rwandans from across the country and in the diaspora were quick to trash these claims, and called on concerned bodies to scrutinize the utterances of the two and hold them accountable for genocide denialism and trivialization. “They say these things to keep rubbing salt in our wounds as the commemoration of the genocide draws closer. CNLG and Ibuka should weigh-in and thoroughly scrutinize Ingabire and Ntaganda statement as it is full of genocide ideology which should not go unnoticed,” said one genocide survivor.

It is not the first time that Ingabire, the convicted criminal who benefitted from presidential clemency in 2018, has been heard engaging in genocide denialism. In 2010 she visited the Gisozi Memorial and uttered negationist words that saw her tried, and locked up for eight years according to the law.

As a prisoner Ingabire applied several times for presidential pardon, which she was accorded in 2018. “Ingabire ought to know that she is abusing the pardon, and could be sent back to jail as she is apparently determined to keep breaking the law,” commented a legal analyst.

Ingabire and Ntanganda formed an alliance in which they support genocide deniers and anti-Rwanda terrorist groups that work to destabilize the peace of Rwandans.

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