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Museveni troll Katureebe struggles to zip trousers as Miss Rwanda Pageant gears up

Beauty contests in Rwanda has been a serious talk in the town across Uganda but when it reaches CMI office, the hyenas there start mouthwatering. The criminals that run the Mbuya dungeons will first zoom-in and zoom out every contestant to feed their women optical lusts and envy to have the same contestants in Uganda. Hopelessly, they will then start nasty fake stories about innocent girls.

The goon that specializes in fake stories is none other than Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere. In the case of Rwandan beauty contestants, the propagandist goon can’t keep his sexual lust in check. He will always go overboard fantasizing about each and every single contestant. Then as if to console himself he will start peddling fake stories that “the young ladies are potential military intelligence operatives.” What a waste of a troll!

He probably fantasizes about getting the girls tortured in Mbuya, to satiate his sick obsessions.

Obed Katureebe aka Gakwerere can lie all he wants, but beauty contests in Rwanda are organized and run by a private agency. The young women are given extra chances to steer their aspirations as far as they can, with some getting good careers as brand ambassadors. There isn’t anything else beyond this.

But the mouthwatering hyena in Gakwerere should zip his trousers, and focus more on young ladies in Uganda that get trafficked to slave like conditions in Middle East by close members of Museveni’s family. Those young women are always tricked into such deadly schemes under the promises of good life in Europe or Middle East, they end up on the streets begging. The most unfortunate even end up with their organs harvested as part of this deadly racket run by Museveni family members.

They die so young without the knowledge of their families.

What a calamity for Uganda this regime, and its minions like Robert Fati Gakwerere are!

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