RNC propagandist Himbara adds rape defense to resume as he turns himself into advocate for Christopher Kayumba

Only propagandist, David Himbara of RNC, would jump to Christopher Kayumba’s defense against sexual assault charges with the lame excuse that charges were “politically motivated”. To prove it, weed smoking Himbara links Kayumba’s case to Diane Rwigara’s leaked nude photos! How are self leaked nude pictures of an attention seeking Rwigara related to allegations against Christopher Kayumba?

Himbara’s false claims that the “sexual assault” case is “politically-motivated” is pure spin. Rwigara exposed herself. And no other candidates has been accused of sexual assault! Even people like Faustin Twagiramungu, Frank Habineza, Gilbert Mwenedata and others faced no sexual scandals, unlike Christopher Kayumba! Moreover, Himbara conveniently left out other crimes by his new “protégé”.

Other than his notoriety for aggressive drunk and disorderly behavior, his drinking and driving, and his arrogance, Kayumba is also notorious for his abuse of power. In 2012, he forced Idriss Gasana Byiringiro — a journalist in his tabloid newspaper— to stage a kidnapping as a publicity stunt. He was just a third-year Journalism student at the National University of Rwanda who fell prey to Kayumba’s predatory tactics. Yet when a female student calls him out for trying to rape her, given Kayumba’s record of aggression and history of student abuse, Himbara opts to attack the victim.

But it should not surprise anyone, after all, Himbara is the propagandist of terrorist militia that kills innocent civilians. No matter how repugnant their crimes are, criminals can count on David Himbara — the RNC terrorist militia propagandist — to back them in their denials, and to come to their defense. This is equally true for crimes like genocide, terrorism, corruption, and now even rape.

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