RNC goon Nuwamanya postures that “he got a Ugandan passport for a Munyarwanda”

Kampala resident RNC goon Sulah Nuwamanya is busy posturing on Facebook, showing that he has so much “influence” in the Museveni regime. He is boasting that he used his influence to get a Munyarwanda girl a passport. This Munyampi called Nuwamanya thinks he can fool who? If he “ate the goods” of that poor girl so as to ask his friend thugs in CMI to get her a passport, he thinks that solves the problems of all Ugandan Banyarwanda? The people living under the terror of CMI goons?

The buffoon called Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi who recklessly abandoned his wife and four children in a Rwanda without a penny to go to Uganda to join RNC in hunting down Banyarwanda is now pretending he has the solution to problems those very Banyarwanda are facing? Ironically those very problems have been created by senile Tibuhaburwa, the godfather of the RNC terrorist group.

If munyampi Nuwamanya pretends to want to solve the problems of Banyarwanda why doesn’t he first take care of his very wife and children that he abandoned in Kigali? He thought who would take care of them? Lucky for him that Rwandan leaders are very kind and provided the kids with education, and helped their mother with health insurance for all of them – while all the time Nuwamanya was plotting terrorism, against the very government helping his family.

The paymaster of this goon’s group, tyrant Museveni is the most destabilizing factor in the entire Great Lakes Region. He has destabilized, or tried to destabilize almost every country in the region.

He has failed, because he is such a low rent tyrant, using low rent banyampi like deadbeat dad Sulah.

They will fail again.

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