RNC chief propagandist checks in with another lie

David Himbara, the RNC terrorist propagandist, is still searching for conspiracies to weaponize and smear Rwanda with. Hearing that the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has summoned Adeline Rwigara, Himbara automatically calls it state terrorism. Because of course he will!

As usual with his attacks on Rwandan institutions, his words on RIB are mere smears with not a single objective truth. The terrorist mouthpiece does not even try to hide his propaganda by using alarmist phrases like “mysterious automobile accident” or “mysterious death”. All Himbara wants to do is create a saga to fuel his online anti-Rwanda campaign.

Rwandan judiciary and law enforcement are of high international standards. They would not be announcing to the world why Adeline Rwigara has been summoned, unless a decision to charge her has been made. One should also remember that despite how Himbara and his fellow terrorist trolls where screaming in 2017 that “Rwigara would not get a fair trial,” the judiciary found her not guilty.

No one is above the law and everyone is protected by the law in Rwanda, and if Himbara is interested in getting personal details concerning Adeline Rwigara’s case he should call her. But gathering truth or facts has never been Himbara’s intention as far as Rwanda is concerned.

Fraud is, and always has been his game.

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