With Kisangani nightmares, Museveni’s trolls can’t cure themselves of obsession with Rwanda’s Generals

They say that if you argue with a fool, he will take you down to his level and beat you with experience. Well, CMI troll Obed Katureebe alias RPF Gakwerere, alias despot Museveni’s “munyampi in chief” is one that proved his bonafides as completely lacking grey matter.

So, this CMI moron Katureebe likes to call himself “corporal” on his propaganda social media accounts. So what capability does a “corporal” like him have to talk about generals? Especially generals that gave the military of his patron, senile Museveni, three very bad bloody noses?

This senior Munyampi has been on and on smearing Afande Kabarebe to be this and that or not to be this and that. That is because he and otgers can’t get out of their minds the proper beating their fellows got at the hands of RDF in the Kisangani battles. One can understand it’s an obsession that only ever conjures up their shame and embarrassment.

But again if propaganda thug Katureebe is to talk about succession plans in anywhere, he should begin with Uganda where his arm-rotting master, Museveni has clung to power for three and a half decades, against the will of all Ugandans except his clique of mafias and thieving family members.

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