Negativist David Himbara is now against a Covid-19 vaccine plant in Rwanda

RNC senior mouthpiece David Himbara, who in his old age is switching to hard drugs, is mad that President Kagame has started to initiate contacts with different manufacturers of vaccines in hopes of bringing the first Vaccine Plant to Africa to deal with Covid-19.

Anyone with even the sketchiest knowledge knows that President Kagame is well known for his efforts to attract investors, many that come due to the incentives Rwanda offers. Himbara is always trying to spin away such achievements with negative propaganda.

Rwanda is now a well recognized emerging market to watch out for. Dramatic economic growth leading to ever greater investor interest due to its favorable business climate has endured that. So, nothing would be out of the ordinary if Rwanda began producing vaccines.

For years Himbara has “prophesied” the worst for Rwanda. None of his predictions ever materializes. He is growing old as a very unserious fellow. One can be a hundred percent sure once Kigali has the vaccine plant in place, Himbara will ignore it, as if he’s never talked about it!

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