Pieces of silver make RNC mouthpiece Himbara suffer mixed delirium!

Museveni and Rujugiro’s pieces of silver have finally driven Himbara mad. Forced to defend genocidaires as a witness by his sponsors, Himbara is now confusing Rwanda’s villains with its liberators.

For a few pieces of silver, Himbara traveled to Sweden to defend Theodore Rukeratabaro a convicted genocidaire on appeal and more such trips are planned. Meanwhile, Himbara is now trying to fool his readers to think that the likes of Kayibanda and Habyarimana – the fathers and champions of the ideology of mass murder in Rwanda – are the same as the country’s current leadership.

This man is too gone to salvage!

His sponsors want to create an alliance between the terrorist organization RNC and the FDLR genocidaires. The confused mouthpiece is now unable to distinguish between the fathers of the Parmehutu ideology and Rwanda’s liberators, who in fact reclaimed for him and his family the homeland they are trying to destroy. Obviously the fact that he’s a mouthpiece of RNC which has grown close to exiled genocide ideologues explains his motives.

Pieces of silver have sunk this fellow to new depths. But the true cost for the agent of foreign influences and genocidaires defender, is mixed delirium on social media display.

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