Himbara hoping propaganda will stop Rwanda-Mozambique efforts against terrorism

David Himbara, the terrorist mouthpiece paid by Museveni and Rujugiro, specialized in smear and fabrications against Rwanda. The paid mouthpiece decides to accuse Rwanda of having a hand in the murder of Revocant Karemangingo in Mozambique without any proof. In reality, he is just a member of the Rwanda National Congress terrorist group trying to achieve online what they failed to do with grenades attacks.

In murder cases, conventional wisdom would dictate to wait for investigations. In cases like the Revocant Karemangingo, an ex-FAR (the armed forces of the genocidaire regime) and a businessman, investigators would look for a financial motives and potential links to terrorist organizations. The mouthpiece has more than one reason why he would want to weaponized the Karemangingo death.

Initially, Himbara and his fellow anti-Rwanda militias thought it was easy to defeat Rwanda. Despite Museveni and Rujugiro’s support, RNC and their allies failed to get any military success. But the multitude of terrorist enterprises had become cash cows to dupe Rwanda haters into contributing moneys to “fight” Rwanda. As there is no honor amongst thieves, in RNC and other terror organizations, they often kill each other for control of these militias thus giving Himbara even more deaths to falsely accuse Rwandan with. Karemangingo death also offers Himbara an opportunity attack the Rwandan forces combatting terrorism in Mozambique.

Through Museveni, RNC works with and Islamic terrorist group ADF allied to ISIS. Rwanda’s  deployement in Mozambique posed a threat to their terrorist network. He probably hopes that falsely pinning the death of Karemaningo on Rwanda will disrupt the successful peacekeeping mission that uprooted terrorism in Mozambique.

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