Why RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara hated the World Bank’s Doing Business report

In David Himbara’s terrorist propaganda any event is an occasion to smear Rwanda. Paid by Yoweri Museveni and Tribert Rujugiro to constantly attack Rwanda on social media, Himbara aka Muruganwa now thinks the World Bank’s Doing Business ranking was a Rwandan production.

The mouthpiece jubilates that the World Bank announced it would no longer be producing the report. Himbara’s problem was that it made Rwanda look good despite his frivolous attempts to tarnish Rwanda’s image. Worst of all, the Doing Business report considered aspects in the economy such as corruption, nepotism and other issues where his sponsoring regime catastrophically failed. Uganda was constantly ranked last while Rwanda ranked high; that was Himbara’s problem with the Doing Business report.

However, the paid mouthpiece should not panic; there are many other rankings out there and some rank his paymaster amongst the top performers. Indeed, Museveni is ranked as one the most brutal dictators on the planet, his regime also scores top marks in corruption and nepotism. Rujugiro too has something to show; he is probably the only African with arrests and citations for corruption in more than 5 countries!

Regardless, whether published or not, Rwanda’s factual reputation for efficiency and transparency will always make Museveni’s regime look bad. Himbara is mistaken if he thinks Rwanda’s achievements are mere reports. Businessmen and investors don’t rely on reports nor do they rely on propagandist posts. They rely on facts that Himbara’s lies cannot undo.

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