RNC terrorist propagandist David Himbara reminds the world of exceptional Rwanda’s achievement

David Himbara aka Murunganwa, while celebrating that the World Bank stopped its Doing Business ranking, reminded the world that Rwanda ranked second in Africa. Paid to smear Rwanda by Museveni and Rujugiro, he thinks that World Bank’s ranking is invalidated because it is no longer carried out.

At the core of his belief is a need to slander Rwanda with fabrications. He erroneously says that Doing Business report –and and therefore the World Bank– favored Rwanda, and attacks the Rwanda Development Board for stating its achievement certified by the World Bank. Yet the same mouthpiece always uses manipulated World Bank data out of context in his attack Rwanda! One might ask him; which is it? Is World Bank data reliable or unreliable?

Naturally, the troll plays “pick and mix” with facts but his distortions will fool no one. In 2017, Rwanda was ranked second in Doing Business in Africa and stay amongst the best business friendly countries worldwide. His sponsoring regime, Museveni’s kleptocracy, consistently ranks amongst the last countries. Businesses in Uganda are extorted on such a regular basis that most simply closed shop. As it makes his 35 years rule look bad, Museveni bank rolls hostile propagandists like Himbara to tarnish Rwanda.

Fact is, whether in the World Bank Doing Business ranking or any other similar report, Rwanda will always rank amongst the best performers and Uganda –reputed for corruption and cartel state capture– will always rank amongst the least business friendly countries.

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