Propagandist David Himbara becomes desperate, and will not like what IMF says about Rwanda

Dedicated to tarnishing Rwanda on social media, and particularity targeting the economy, David Himbara aka Murunganwa, will not like what international organizations say about Rwanda. The IMF just praised Rwanda for its good governance practices. It is not just the IMF moreover. The World Bank, Transparency International, and others have lauded Rwanda’s management of its finances.

But as chief RNC propagandist Himbara’s job is to tarnish Rwanda. Routinely, the paid mouthpiece predicts economic doom and systematically, facts prove him wrong all the time. He has been exposed as full of lies. Not so long ago, Rwanda raised over US$ 600 Million on the Eurobond market while Himbara spewed his hostile propaganda.

The IMF recognized, “Rwanda for governance; Georgia and Ukraine for educational attainment; Malaysia for infrastructure; and Mauritius and Peru for tariffs.” IMF added, “These economies can be role models.”

All this is in direct contradiction to Himbara’s daily smears against Rwanda. Facts are facts and they are stubborn! Cheap, sponsored terrorist propagandists like Himbara cannot change reality.

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