CMI knew about the foiled ADF attacks against Rwanda

For a while, CMI propaganda began to run the rumor that the ADF terrorist group was linked to Rwanda. Just as most observers wonder why CMI was uttering ridiculous claims via CommandOnepost and on social media; Rwanda foiled an ADF attack. Embarrassed, some of their online trolls began to spin out of control with bizzare lines like “For once we have a common enemy”.

It is not a secret that ADF has strong links to the Uganda regime, it offered ADF’s ledearship amnesty and shielded its “supreme” leader Jamil Mukulu from prosecution by the International Criminal Court by opting to charge him and trial him with lesser chargers in Uganda. In fact, international organizations are now linking ADF terror attacks in Congo with Cocoa trafficking and plundering. Salim Saleh, the President’s half-brother, has trucks and bank accounts that facilitate the illicit ADF Cocoa trade.

Recently, CMI propaganda on twitter and on their website Commandonepost had vigorously attempted to deny their paternity of the ADF terrorist and falsely attributed it to Rwanda. One has to ask –especially as CMI controls other hostile Rwandan militia– was CMI trying to cover its hand in the recently foiled ADF terrorist attack on Rwanda?

CMI most likely facilitated ADF planning meeting in Kampala and their travel to DRC Congo. They did it for RNC, FDLR, RUD-Urunana and others, and clearly, CommandOnepost had already thought of an alibi by calling ADF “Rwandan sponsored”.

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