RNC propagandist Himbara forgot that Rwanda doesn’t need lessons on corruption and rule of law

In one of his recent posts, the RNC mouthpiece, David Himbara, who is on Museveni and Rujugiro’s payroll to play dirty when it comes to Rwanda, embarrassed himself when he claimed that Rwanda was not invited to the US Summit for Democracy in 2021, and to him, that implies that Rwanda fell out of US favor – what a lame analysis.

In his attempted attack on Rwanda, Himbara a.k.a Murunganwa strayed and missed the most basic thing of what the summit seeks to address, and if Rwanda needs lessons about the themes of the summit, he should have named the countries in Africa that were invited- if it is not the shame deriving from his paymaster’s world rejection.

Part of what the theme intends to address; ‘defending against authoritarianism (rule of law), fighting corruption, and promoting respect for human rights’. As per the White House website, the countries that have been invited will have to showcase the progress they’ve made in those areas and have also been ordered to ‘speak honestly about the challenges facing democracy in their respective countries’

The 17 African countries that have been invited have had democratically related issues and will be undertaking some lessons. It is also clear that Rwanda doesn’t need lessons in rule of law and fighting corruption. Rwanda’s record speaks for itself.

According to the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index 2020, Rwanda is ranked 37 out 128 countries worldwide in adhering to justice and rule of law and leading in East Africa. Contrary, Himbara’s master Museveni came at 117 globally out of 128 countries and the worst in East Africa. Clearly, Rwanda needs no lessons on that.

In fighting corruption, the latest Corruption Perception Index report published by Transparency International placed Rwanda as the least corrupt country in the region and the only EAC state to score above the global average rate of 43 out of 100 points after garnering 53 points. Again, Rwanda doesn’t need lessons about fighting corruption but Himbara’s sponsor, Museveni scored only 28 points which is way below average. Himbara missed that.

It is expected for Himbara to miss the basic facts, he has earned his entire life through fraud, from a fake degree, to lies that earn him employment. His masters, Museveni and Rujugiro are in for a big fall. Keeping up with a fraud like Himbara only damages their reputation.

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