RNC Mouthpiece David Himbara twisting Rwanda creditworthiness as a negative attribute

The mass producer of lies, David Himbara alias Murunganwa, has continued to fabricate sick rumors that Rwanda is not in a position to service its debts. What Himbara forgets here is that Rwanda is creditworthy because of its good governance and sound economic policies. It gets loans because it is well managed and investors trust the Rwandan economy stability and its positive economic outlook.

According to Standard & Poor’s, Rwanda has strong construction projects including roads, energy projects, stadiums, schools, health centers and private residential and commercial real estate are the factors to support Rwanda’s growth prospects; therefore, S&P forecasts the GDP growth of 7.7% annually over 2020-2023.

The capacity of payment of Rwandan loans lies in its wise investments. The loans that requested served in the implementation of big projects such as Kigali Convention Center, Kigali Basketball Arena which are known for their respective capacity of organizing and hosting continental events. Additionally, to the Bugesera International Airport, all the above investments will be generating funds through concessional sources with long maturities, therefore keeping funding the costs low.

This is a sharp contrast to Himbara’s sponsors “operation wealth creation” run by his brother Salim Saleh. Uganda’s resources are simply diverted to private individuals loyal to the 35 years old dictatorship. No one wants to lend to Uganda, and those who did are now repossessing their collateral. Entebbe Airport is just one such case.

While pushing his sickish propaganda against Rwanda sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro, Himbara avoids the fact that even countries like US, Japan among others are also indebted. Loans can lead to economic growth, but not in a corrupt system like Museveni’s.

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