Jiggers are still a public health hazard in Uganda after 35 years of Museveni’s ruining the country

Jiggers, a species of flea, has infected over 400 families in the Bwambara sub-county of the Rukungiri district. The most affected are Rushebeya, Kateramo, Kempazi among others all in the Kikongi parish Bwambara sub-county in Rujumbura country Rukungiri district.

According to John Tumushabe, Chairperson Lc1 Kateramo Cell in Kikongi Bwambara sub-county Rukungiri District, he has been receiving such reports from his cell members. “Parents are the ones to be blamed for this because they have failed to monitor the hygiene of their children.” So much to blame Ugandan parents when the Kampala regime is responsible for driving Rukungiri residents into absolute poverty due to the Rwandan border closure, leaving border communities and businesses deserted.

According to victim testimonies, their feet and toes are in a sorry state and jiggers have started moving towards the upper parts of the body. The situation is worsening and needs quick intervention from the government. Is dictator Museveni going to rescue Ugandans from the jiggers? Or is he waiting for the infestation to become an epidemic to solicit relief funds?

Water and sanitation are basic human rights, fundamental to every child and adult, but in Uganda, it seems a luxury to so many.

It is such a shame that in this time and era, jiggers are a topic of discussion in Uganda. What happened to “securing your future” and “steady progress” or is it stagnation?

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