Museveni angered by Rwanda’s attendance to international events, sets his lapdog David Himbara to attack

The RNC mouthpiece, David Himbara aka Murunganwa, sponsored by Museveni and Rujugiro has exposed his ineptitude to manipulate with wild lies. He is now imagining the cost of private jets, their running cost per hour and even the owners.

From thin air, to please his octogenarian sponsor who is no longer invited to global events, Himbara smears the Rwandan Presidential travels without any proves simply out of jealousy.

We know these trips make Museveni angry because he unleashes his mouthpiece to attack on social media with ridiculous figures. For instance, for the same jet, Himbara claimed it cost $ 6,400 but now he says $11,000 per hour! He shoots numbers up and hopes to smear Rwanda. Himbara, a failure and fraudster that forged his academic credentials, is doing whatever to secure his paycheck by smearing Rwanda.

But no amount of smear will repair his sponsors reputation; Museveni has been killing and looting Uganda for 35 years. No one invites him because it is embarrassing to be seen in the same room as the Uganda despot; moreover, with his old age, he usually falls asleep and starts snoring in public.

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