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RNC mouthpiece outraged by Rwanda’s global rating as a preferred destination for refugees

Under the payroll of Museveni and Rujugiro, the RNC motor-mouthed propagandist David Himbara aka Murunganwa is ranting about ongoing reports that the United Kingdom government plans to send asylum seekers for processing and settlement in Rwanda.

For some strange reasons, RNC puppet Murunganwa’s hate for Rwanda’s success made him bark over something that is still under processing. The RNC weed addict is troubled by the initiative, yet thousands of refugees from all over the world have found peaceful and comfort refuge in Rwanda.

Rwanda respects the Refugee Convention’s raison d’etre by providing the greatest possible protection to refugees. The phony academic delusional Himbara believes that his incoherent rants will reverse the UK decision.

Rwanda has been welcoming refugees for over two decades; it clearly demonstrated a genuine humanitarian commitment to the refugee cause. Rwanda is now a home to more than 127,269 refugees, with 41,090 repatriated refugees according to the UNHCR records. These refugees come from various countries including Libya, Afghanistan, Burundi, DRC, among others.

The RNC blabbermouth Himbara must be reminded that Rwanda offers protection services and life-saving assistance including food, water, medical care, psychosocial support, and accommodation. Uniquely in Africa, Rwanda recognizes urban refugee rights and enrolls people in the Mutuelle de Santé (Community Health Insurance). Rwanda also officially grants all asylum seekers social and economic rights, including the right to work.

The RNC and Rujugiro’s barking dog Himbara must grasp that Rwanda was not just chosen by accident but rather based on its track record on safety, respect for human rights and protection of refugees.

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