Genocide ideologue Uwineza chases fame through peddling lies

Welcome to the 21st century where clout chasing is a trend. Meet Susan Uwineza, a woman who wants to get fame through trading lies.

Recently, President Paul Kagame said ‘’ It will always be futile to try to turn victims into perpetrators& vice versa.’’ The latest culprit Uwineza wants to turn upside down the story of a visionary leader who has restored the dignity of Rwandan people and transformed their country, which he picked up from ashes. The rogue Genocide ideologue Uwineza is comparing the incomparable.

We all know who the Hitlers really are. Who would be a better Hitler than Habyarimana, who chased Rwandans out of their own country, persecuted Tutsis who stayed in the country till over 1 million of them perished in the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi. The Hitler Habyarimana even killed his own Godfather? Who is Hitler than Bagosora, who planned, announced and executed the apocalypse to exterminate Tutsis, thank God he failed?

Uwineza can swindle people’s money by publishing her nonsensical book; however, that will not change the history and the crimes perpetrated by his sponsors. Anyways, I can’t wait to see her books filled up with dust in libraries because nobody will buy his trash neither will anyone read her lies.

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