“Brig Gen” David Mberabahizi and “Col” Joseph Gatabazi are part of more than 700 former rebels of Rusesabagina’s FLN terror outfit that Rwanda early this week reintegrated into the community.

That’s after completing two-year civic education and vocation training at Motobo Demobilization and Reintegration Centre in Musanze District.

The two former members of FLN top brass were repatriated from DR Congo jungles in late 2019 by the Congolese army, they had no criminal record against Rwanda and the people of Rwanda, the reason they were not taken to courts of law.

Mberabahizi served as an adviser to the then FLN commander “Gen” Wilson Irategeka while Gatabazi was the outfit’s chief J3.

They, however, brought out clearly that back in their commanders would kill comrades who dared to express the intention to repatriate to the native country since that would lessen the numbers of their fighters so they hold them captive.

The ex-militiamen said they were previously worried about their safety in Rwanda because they were only being fed on misinformation be it from their top commanders or from the likes of convicted terrorist Rusesabagina who profiteered from the continued existence of the rebel group.

“One may wonder why it took us decades to return home and why we had to be forcefully repatriated by the Congolese army?” inquired Gatabazi

“We would always be told that the Government of Rwanda kills in cold blood whoever repatriates from the Congolese jungles, but that’s an outright lie that those who are still held captive in the jungle should confront head-on and repatriate as Rwanda is very welcoming and life is good here ,” he added

Over the years, Rwanda has reintegrated more than 11,000 members of anti-Rwanda terrorist groups and their dependants. The country provides to each of discharged ex-combatant start-up capital and each is equipped with life skills to help them start a new life.

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